The Mission of Rudolf Ranch


Hunting, since prehistoric times as been a means of survival. Successful hunters were admired because of their ability to outsmart their prey. Today we like to instill a similar philosophy, because the original instinct is still within us. Therefore we do not offer canned hunts, or as someone called it, "Open the cage and whack it" hunts.

Our animals are born and raised on the hunting preserve and know the terrain well. This allows real hunters the opportunity to exercise their hunting skills and patience. We prefer clients who are skillful in harvesting the prey to avoid unnecessary trauma. With this in mind, please join us and have a wonderful rewarding hunt.


While the world population grows (tripled since 1950), hunting opportunities have declined rapidly. It is our goal to create a healthy population of game animals, of all ages, to guarantee an ample supply of hunting possibilities that are as close as possible to earlier times.

Also, we offer opportunities (inside and outside the fence) to experience the difference and - if required - exchange the location for meeting every one of your wishes. With the proper licenses, the experienced hunter can also pursue rough grouse, eastern turkey, snowshoe hare, fox and coyote, as well as the opportunity of trapping.


Almost all hunters enjoy eating what they hunt. Some are even amateur gourmet chefs. Our staff and meat processor will advise you on how to clean the animal professionally and how to prepare the meat. Our animals provide meat that is free of hormones, antibiotics, tranquilizer residue and other medical and chemical substances.

It is well known that venison is low on cholesterol and so is our Bison meat. Every animal on the preserve has access to different fields and legumes, according to their specific needs.